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Membership is available for $1 per year, from all persons who have attained the age of 18 years.

Applications for Membership are available from Club Reception.

Please note: Photo Identification and proof of address is required for a membership application to be processed.

Members and Guests

Please swipe your card on entry & sign in any Guests.

Members are entitled to sign in up to six Guests at any one time.

Please note that the same guest may only be signed in six times in any 12 month period.

Visitors and Bona Fide Guests

Temporary Membership is available as follows

  • All Temporary membership enquiries are to be made to Club Reception.
  • Territorians who live more than 100km from the Club, may be granted Temporary Membership for a period no greater than 7 days.
  • Interstate & International Visitors may be granted Temporary Membership for up to 28 days.
  • Temporary Membership receipts must be produced at Reception for each entry to the Club.
  • Temporary Members are not permitted to purchase products from the Bottle Shop, nor sign in visitors or guests.
  • Temporary Members are not eligible for any Member promotions.